Democrats have caused the problems we are having

it seems that Americans have been alseep at the wheel. Not even seeing what is going on in Washington DC, yet, when the media lies about something and tells the public that this is all Trump’s fault, the blame is layed and the public seems to fall for it, hook, line, and sinker. Why?<p>

The old adage, of tell a lie enough times and the people will perceive it to be the truth is something the people need to start looking at. When something goes wrong, for the left, the left lies all about it and keeps that narrative going until the people believe it, and then the truth tellers around here get blamed for it all.<p>

Americans are now living that lie, and with the media and the left treating it like the truth, we are the ones to suffer under it. George Floyd was a criminal, and he resisted arrest and he fought the police, but who got in trouble for what happened? The police. And it didn’t end with him, as it has continued with statues of him being erected like he was some kind of hero. He wasn’t. He was a criminal.<p>

We have been lied to so much now that we aren’t doing anything when the media lies to us about what is going on. This is unacceptable at the least. But we are allowing this and we are paying the price for it. The end times it is said in the bible that right will be w3rong, and wrong will be right.

That is exactly what we are seeing today. Law abiding citizens are being castigated as being wrong and punishable, but those who are breaking laws are bing honored and hoisted on a platform.

George Floyd is one, and this idiot Mr Lia Thomas is another. I won’t do what the rest do and call him a woman because he isn’t and he is only cheating real women out of something that they deserve. He coulden’t win as a man, so he decided to call himself a female and compete as one. Of course he will win then, cheating the women from something they have worked their lives for. This is wrong, but now the damage continues as the NCAA wants Him to be woman of the year.<p>

This is Bullshit. And this bullshit has been caused all by the policies of the Democrats and the whimpyness of the republicans who won’t fight for what is right. for what is right, is now wrong in the eyes of the world. And the world is WRONG!!!<p>

It’s a good thing November is coming. Hopefully the people will stay awake and vote these morons out of office.<p>


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