Things I usually do for America

I usually work on several things during the week days.  My daily update, which are done like Rush Limbaugh used to do, but longer.  Lately they haven't been an esay thing to do since my camera, which I started using hastn't been working lately.  
I took it to FORGED mens conference at Legacy Church this last week, and it stopped working there.  I can take photos with it, but videos don't work.  
So my udates have suffereed since the last one I did last week, cause I can't get them done.  
I am now looking for a new camera, and have several in mind, but a Canon EOS Rebel t6i is what I am leaning towards.  It will not only make my video's more high quality, but nicer too.  
So now I am looking forward to doing my videos again soon and hopefuly I can maybe post them here too.  Woudln't that be great?


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