Defund the FBI and the DOJ

Last summer we had the so called “summer of love” that Lori LIghtfoot said we would have, yet, that so called summer of love was nothing more than riots and destruction brought on by the left’s pawns the Black Lies Matter groups and Antifah. Even some of the things ruled by the Supreme court were overturned because of the left’s promises of “violence in the streets” if they didn’t get their way.

I say that BLM and Antifah were the left’s pawns because the left allowed it all and, they constantly told us in the media that they were mostly peaceful protests *as cities burned in the backgrounds of the reports*.

And since the media wouldn’t report the truth, which by the way they still aren’t, we are having the troubles here in America we are. The only reaason that Americans know the truth at all is because of news outlets like Breitbart News, One America News, the Western Journal, and of course NewsMax. and several others that have popped up to fill the “truth” void that has become the U.S. Media.

The American people who constantly read papers like the New York Slimes and watch CNN, MSNBC etc, pretty much know nothing of the truth of what has been going on in this nation from last years “riots” to the Mar-A-Lago raid by the FBI. The same spin was put on both to “misinform” the American peoplle in the attempt to indoctrinate them away from the truth, by creating a new truth, not unlike what the Nazi’s did to Germany in World War II, where the state owned media let the people know all that they were allowed to know. We have the same thing happening here in America today.

The past is being erased and gotten rid of because it doesn’t fit the narrative of the left. And those of us who don’t agree with the left are shunned as terrorists and anti-american. This brings us to the point of if you forget your past, you are doomed to repeat it. All we hear of today is the left pushing new apps and organizations to get rid of “missinformation” when the true missinformation out here is coming directly from them.

Folks that is exactly what the left wants and is actively going after by going after everyone who is doing what they can to save this great nation. From the raid on Mar-A-Lago to the violence against the right that is happening all over America today, to the allowing of criminals who cross ocver our southern border to become voting invaders to make sure the left never loses another election, we have things happening in America that is destroying our great republic.

The ones who do not see what the left has in store for the future of America, are either stupid, or ignorant of what is happening, from the brainwashing and destruction of our children to parents being called domestic terrorists for going to school board meetings to stop the stuff going on in our schools from “desexualizing” our children to the early surgeries and hormone blockers done to them from places like Boston’s Children’s hospital, we are all under attack. Especially our kids. Time to rise up and put a stop to this insantity brought on by the leftist socialists and traitors. Starting with the defunding of organizations who are no longer following the laws, like the FBI and the DOJ.

God Bless America


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