The 50th Balloon Fiesta started today

I still remember the first one in 1972. There were only about 18 balloons at that one. We had over 600 this morning. And since I couldn’t get closer, i took all my photos from the balcony of my apartment. So I though I would share some of them.

balloons through the trees
Balloon from Colorado
zoomed in and got a good one

I took about 20 photos, including one from my balcony as the sun was coming up over the Sandia’s reflecting off of the windows of a building up there.

Zoomed in on the Mountain top and caught the reflection of the sun on the window of a building up there.

Will write more soon. We have days of this coming. There is even a balloon shaped like an alien spaceship……will get one of it later.

Robert P. Garding

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