New Mexico Legislature passes bad bills. As usual.

New Mexico’s legislature, running out of time, has passed a bunch of BAD bills in order to make sure that they are seen as the most evil legislature in the United States. The bills that they were fussing over had to do with guns, and how to get rid of them, and babies, and how to get rid of them.

On the Albuquerque Journal’s front page was a photo of a bunch of cackeling hens, laughing and joyously celebrating, the bill that would protect out of state abortion providors, so that babies could continue to be killed in New Mexico. They looked like giddy school girls ready for their first prom. Only it isn’t the prom they are giddy about. They are celebrating and giddy because they passed a bill to protect the killing factories they want in this state to continue killing babies in the womb. What a bunch of evil democrat women!

These women in the photo on the Journal’s front page, are as evil as the governor, because she quickly signed this.

New Mexico is already the abortion capital of the world, so according to the democrats, why not protect that dubious standing. The New Mexico legislature, along party lines *democrats* passed this evil bill. God will damn them for this, I guarantee You. They had better seek repentance because God does not condone murder, and that is just what they passed into law and legalized.

From the Pinon Post came this one:

On Friday, New Mexico legislative Democrats rammed through many extreme bills during the last full day of the 2023 Legislative Session.

Some of these bills included: 

S.B. 53: Trying to preempt Holtec from building a nuclear storage facility in southeastern New Mexico. Democrats, including sponsor Rep. Matthew McQueen (D-Santa Fe, Sandoval), erroneously claimed the company would make the state the “dumping ground” of spent nuclear fuel but failed to talk about how safe the facility is or the vast economic opportunities its location in the Land of Enchantment would be. It passed on a mostly party-line 35-28 vote. It was quickly signed by Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham.

S.B. 13: The chamber endorsed the radical bill that would censor pro-life speech and ban extradition of criminal abortionists who break the law in other states passed the House despite bipartisan opposition and a lengthy three-hour debate. It passed 38-30, with six Democrats joining all Republicans in opposition.  In other words, this blog is now illegal because I am pro life.

S.B. 468: The bill declaring a state holiday for the radical far-left labor activist Dolores Huerta passed the House by a vote of 50-10. A tweet from Rep John Block, said it all. “Whacko leftist Dolores Huerta, who claimed babies in the womb have no souls was just given a “day” by the NM House.” This is a sad day for NM.

S.B. 426: The bill creates a new civil rights division in the Attorney General’s Office that will cost New Mexicans millions over the next three-year period. Its creation was because of the state’s Civil Rights Act which attacks local government and police departments by opening the door to floodgates of frivolous lawsuits. Doubly bad for New Mexicans.

All anti-gun bills other than H.B. 9, which would mandate the locking up of firearms, appear to be dead as both houses of the legislature speed ahead toward a 12:00 noon adjournment on Saturday. Now, if you own a gun in NM and don’t have it locked up, your a felon. So if you take your gun out of the locked cabinet, to clean it, and the anti gun police bust in, your in violation of this law and you will go to jail for it. or if you take it out to go hunting, Your a felon!

One key item of legislation, H.B. 547, a tax package that could raise taxes by over $114 million annually, is still up in the air due to the House and Senate not agreeing on the bill’s provisions. It could pass on Saturday if both chambers agree with changes made in a conference committee.  All while New Mexicans make less money.

There have been rumors the evil Gov. Lujan Grisham is thinking about a special session, but news of such a move would likely only be known following the end of the current session.

There is no reason to doubt my pastor Steve Smotherman or me when we call her the Wicked Witch of the North, because without redemption, she is so going to hell.

It is time for New Mexicans to wake the hell up and figure out that the democrats here in this state want nothing but to destroy this state, while killing as many babies as they can.

Robert P. Garding


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