Daily, I get headlines of an E-Vehicle catching on Fire

Almost daily, I search through the headlines and I always find one about an Electric Vehicle catching fire during charging or, while jsut sitting in a parking lot doing nothing.  This is a "red flag" that should tell us all that maybe electric vehicles are a thing of the future, but for today, they just are not ready.

But what actually happens is this.  News of fires, or "meltdowns" or troubles with the systems, are repressed and put unter the wire in an effort to keep people from finding out about these troubles.  

But these troubles can be deadly and sooner or later, a death is going to happen.  Then the people who are wholeheartedly pushing these vehicles onto us need to be held liable for everything happening.  But the left won't let this happen.  Why?  Because they are the ones pushing this technology that isn't ready for prime time yet.

If you have been reading and researching about this, you would already know that the batteries are dangerous.  If they catch fire it takes a special kind of fire fighting equipment to put the fire out.  Water won't do it!

And on top of that, charging the batteries takes electricity, which comes from mostly coal fired electrical plants, and the lithium has to be mined.  This is something that really is bad for the environment.  but the left will not tell you about that because they want this to be done.

So the thing we have to realize here is, when the left talks about saving our environment for future generations, when they are really saying 'we need to destroy our environment by doing what we want you to do.'

What we need to do is research folks.  Because electric cars may be the future, but the future only works if the bugs are worked out of it first before we start "mass producing" it.  If we don't do it that way, people will die and many bad things will happen.


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